The pleasant city Mangalore is named after the god Mangaladevi and is regularly declared as the passage to Karnataka. It is a standout amongst the most well known port city in India, which goes back to the fourteenth century. It is trusted that the city got its first port, when the nearby rulers began exchanging with the kingdoms of Persia.

Panambur Beach

This exquisite beach is just 13 kms away from Mangalore and is best known for its serenity and wonderful location. Tourists can sit, relax, swim, and refresh their senses at this beach, which is safe for swimming and other water sports activities.

St. Aloysius Church

This beautiful church is famous for its amazing architecture and interiors, built by the Jesuit Missionary in the year 1880. It has many wonderful paintings by the Italian artist Antonio Moscheni that are now preserved by a special committee, responsible for the maintenance and welfare of the church.