Bengaluru water parks

Wonderla – Bangalore India’s favorite amusement park is located on Bangalore – Mysore Road, just 28 kms from Bangalore city. Spread across 82 acres, Wonderla Bangalore has 62 thrill packed rides offering a monster dose of entertainment and fun for all age groups. Wonderla – Bangalore has thrilled over 9.5 million visitors since our opening in 2005.In 2012, Wonderla Bangalore added a resort inside the amusement park – making it the first amusement park in India to have a resort built right inside it.

The amusement park offers innumerable fun rides for kids and teens, including wooden water chute, pipes of different heights and curves to slide through. For tourists seeking relaxation, there are air boats to laze around in a water pool. Among other noteworthy water rides at the park are the vertical drop and artificial wave pools.